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When does it happen? Six 1-hour-sessions over the course of 6 weeks. Together, we pick a consistent day of the week and time that works for both of us.
Where? Through the amazing power of internet! Skype or Google Hangout.
How Every week we read the greats, you receive a prompt relevant to the course, and we edit last week's poem in a non-judgmental, excited community of two. Every course culminates with a portfolio of six brand new poems.
• How do I sign up? Email Shira,



(Title of the course attributed to writer Lauren Whitehead)

Our task is to leave behind the tropes of Madness in order to redefine our experiences of illness and wellness. Together we will carve our own pulsing vernacular of our most elusive experiences. In a space of non-judgement we'll venture like astronauts into the inner-cosmos. Guided by the poetry of Jeanann Verlee, Morgan Parker, Rachel McKibbens, Lauren Whitehead, Tarfia Faizullah and Lucille Clifton, we'll use the tools of non-linearity, persona, unreliable narrator, interview and paradox.


Let’s turn the "political poem” inside out. Where one might expect right and wrong, choosing sides, or a firm position, we seek instead spaciousness, flexibility, and empathy. Our work begs the question: Can one look upon a political issue as they would a starfish—–with scientific wonder?The unlikely political heart is the soft spot in any story that can’t easily be made into a headline; it’s the reality of our differences, the intimacy of our struggles, and the curiosity of this unique situation we call life.


Celebration seems simple enough: cake on your birthday, streamers. It’s joy, right? But often, celebration can contain grief, even violence. The celebration of soccer fans can turn a city inside out. There's even prejudice surrounding parades–––where some celebrate their sexuality, others condemn it as sinful. Lucille Clifton writes, it is reason for celebration that “everyday / something has tried to kill me / and has failed.” In this class we write poems of nuanced celebration, utilizing perspective and witness. Oh, and good old fashioned joy.


Let us investigate the skirt and the man who wears it. The tenderness between two men in public that nearly causes a traffic accident. Let us topple the myths and build anew a sincere and sweaty language of the body. Guided by the work of H. Melt, Saeed Jones, Aracelis Girmay, Ross Gay, Dorianne Laux and many more, we explore this not-so-simple terrain. Let's say yes to our complex experiences. To dancing with the difficulties. To peeling the fog and unburying the treasure. 


Mystical visionaries such as Hafiz and Rumi (whose poetry overflow with sensuality, playfulness, and an outlandish ecstasy) reveal a God of infinite love – not a God that would control us, cut us down, or burden us with guilt. They believed in the holy rules of Laughter, Encouragement, Foolishness and Total Risk. In this spirit, we'll leap toward the liberation found in ordinary moments: spitting out toothpaste, studying a stranger’s hands, and listening to the subway screech to a halt. In the words of Hafiz “Now is the season to know / That everything you do / Is sacred.”

What is this? Unlike the 6 week course,
this is a one time session where we focus on
1-3 poems of yours, editing tools & any creative blocks. 
• How do I sign up? Email Shira.
"This class was the best six weeks I gifted myself this year. Shira will open your heart and make you feel in touch with yourself in an honest and enlightening way. She'll give you the necessary tools to start unlocking your passions and believing in your creativity in a judge-free zone."
- Tanzanite Msola
" I've taken three courses with Shira and am signing up for my fourth. It's difficult to explain the power of her teaching. She is so versed in the nuances of the creative process, how to heal and nurture it. This is not only the creative process in terms of what one might want to write or paint, but spills over into the act of living. She will open your mind in ways you can't imagine. Her teaching style gets and affirms the longing soul in all of us. I can't stress enough her generosity of spirit. She has helped me find, refine, and accept the importance of writing and its healing power in my life."  
- Caroline Stark 
"I've had such fun this month, questioning my world, my heart... I've seen such amazing blooms. I've grown as a poet/person/body. This workshop is such a church to step inside of."  
- Dalton Day