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Shira takes a select number of online 1-on-1 students every year. Individualized Workshop focuses on developing your work over the course of 6 sessions (i.e. 1 hour, once a week, for 6 weeks). Together you'll focus on generating new material, reading the greats, editing existing work, all while keeping experimentation, growth, possibility, and joy at the heart of the sessions. The course is great for manuscript-building; or, for beginners looking to devote more time to the craft. The course culminates in a portfolio of six poems. All sessions occur via Zoom in a non-judgmental, excited community of two on a consistent time/day of the week. Email Shira for details.




"This class was the best six weeks I gifted myself this year. Shira will open your heart and make you feel in touch with yourself in an honest and enlightening way. She'll give you the necessary tools to start unlocking your passions and believing in your creativity in a judge-free zone." - Tanzanite Msola, 1-on-1 workshop participant

"I've had such fun - questioning my world, my heart... I've seen such amazing blooms. I've grown as a poet/person/body. This workshop is such a church to step inside of."  - Dalton Day, In Surreal Life participant


"I've taken three courses with Shira and am signing up for my fourth. It's difficult to explain the power of her teaching. She is so versed in the nuances of the creative process, how to heal and nurture it. This is not only the creative process in terms of what one might want to write or paint, but spills over into the act of living. She will open your mind in ways you can't imagine. Her teaching style gets and affirms the longing soul in all of us. I can't stress enough her generosity of spirit. She has helped me find, refine, and accept the importance of writing and its healing power in my life."  - Caroline Stark, 1-on-1 workshop participant


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