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For 31 days, I'll paint 31 fortunes. One could be for you.

It's a part of my practice to create daily. Also, to practice gratitude, not as a delusional distraction from the world's problems, but as a fortifier of my own spirit. Look, the big, blue sky. To that I say thank you. 

As we move into a New Year, every day of January I'll be putting these practices into focus by making commissioned fortunes: whimsical works to call forward a sense of abundance & inner-wealth. Prompted by your yearnings, I'll paint you ordinary joys, reminding you of the power in what's simple & present.

Tell me a word (a feeling, shape, color, anything) that you'd like to manifest in your life & I'll conjure a personalized painting, plus a one-sentence title/poem to support your journey. 


FORTUNATE is limited to 31 commissioned paintings. Paintings are 11"x14" & will be mailed to the buyer in February 2018. If you prefer to pay with Venmo, just email Shira.

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