Snakes in Your Arms in BuzzFeed Reader

How Poetry Helps Us Understand Mental Illness in PBS NewsHour's Poetry Series

Side Effects in Brooklyn Poets 

Conversation with K. & Excuse in Perigee

Cliff, There Were Others & Side Effects in Psychology Tomorrow

How the Jellyfish Prospered in Poetry Daily

Beatrice, Needle, Barometer & A Serious Case in Prelude

Poetry Suite in NAILED Magazine

Postscript to Mania in Apogee

Mind Over Matter in BOAAT

Perfect in The Baffler

Potion; my dream: tiny axes IV; and my dream: tiny axes X in The Offing

• I’m Sitting With Bjork in My Bathtub in Winter Tangerine Review

• The Watchman in Adroit Journal

• (print) Margot, They, Side Effects II in Washington Square Review

• (print) Ghazal Interrupted & Natural in Women’s Studies Quarterly​

• (print) Aftertaste in Prelude (forthcoming)

MAY EVERYTHING BE THIS SOFT AND BRIEF (manuscript in progress)

Alice in a White Towel at the Top of the Banister, Dripping; How to Become a Forest Fire;

  and The Deer in The Rumpus 

Excuse Me, I Lost My Compass... & My Name is Hugh Grant in Drunk in a Midnight Choir

We Belong to Non-English, Kill the Sister, The Lighthouse Keeper, The Best Part of Anything in Anthropoid


Feeding You Grapes on the Mountain’s Soft Side & my dream: tiny axes IV in Souvenir 

In the Summer of Erica  in Winter Tangerine Review (Short Story Award Finalist)

Stillness in Four Movements & What to Do With My Hands in Drunk in a Midnight Choir

Camouflage, When I Woke Up to a Woman Screaming

Help Out the Window & a Car Door Slamming in Winter Tangerine Review

Before Everything in Muzzle


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