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The Squares Project began in August 2008, my first summer graduated from college. I was living in my college town trying to find work; I'd just turned 24 and didn’t really know how I’d gotten there. Time was mysterious. What made it “pass”? How do we track our growth, our changes? Time felt elusive, often unfair & utterly uncontrollable. And so I decided to tackle my question head-on by filling in 1×1 inch square of white space a day for a year.
Peace Stones is an ongoing project investigating weight with lightheartedness. I've always loved carrying a rock in my pocket; stones keep us company; a "touchstone" can help measure one's anxiety against something solid. Peace stones are a practice as much as a product. In making one I'm feeling my way into a particular quality: a stone's simple company, solid ease.  In a world experiencing so much anguish I often wish I could give peace to another in a small, physical way. I believe there is real power in offering yourself or another the simple sentiment, "I want peace for you."
Portraits are a way to canonize the ordinary. A way to claim personal history as worthy of archiving. These are the folk I deem royalty. 
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